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Lessons, Guided Tours, and Clinics
Whether you would like to tour or race, skate or stride, I can help you develop great technique. I am a self-avowed ski nerd and continue to attend PSIA clinics annually so that I can stay current with what’s going on in the world of skiing. In addition to all the technical detail, I am passionate about skiing with relaxed, rhythmic flow. It’s all about the dance!

If you’re new to the sport, you will learn from the start how to glide and float rather than shuffle and struggle. Cross country skiing is only as strenuous as you make it. I can teach you the magic of nearly effortless skiing and then you decide where the sport takes you.

If you’re a veteran skier, are you content with your efficiency? Would you like to ski farther or faster with less effort? Do you know, and USE, all the different gears? Tons of folks don’t. Don’t get stuck in the V1 or Shuffle Club, call me and DANCE all the way to Hayward or around the long loop at your favorite trail!

Lessons are always relaxed, fun-filled, encouraging, and packed with info!


What a beautiful motion! The diagonal stride is so smooth and rhythmic when done correctly. It’s all about the GLIDE! Without gilde it’s all work! Learn the secrets of glide and shifting gears between Diagonal, Double Pole, and Kick Double Pole.
What a Blast! Skate sking can be fast but without proper instuction the new skier will want to throw the skiis in the woods and an experienced skier will make it all work. Did you know that skating is nealry effortless? Let me show you the secrets and all the gears you need for a smooth trip though the woods.
Are you afraid of downhills? Do you wish you had the skills to let it rip on the hills rather than riding the brakes? Do you admire the guys that step turn around corners at a high rate of speed? Teaching downhill skills on ski trails is a challenge so I’ve partnered with my friends at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI to bring out students on skinny skis. The First Tracks beginner hill and Magic Carpet surface lift are a safe and fun enviroment for learning!
Ski Programs


This is the absolute best way do a lesson. All attention is on you and the lesson is tailored specifically for you. If you’re a beginner the lesson will be at the right pace for you and feedback will be specific for your needs. If you’re an experienced skier we will always visit the fundamentals first, and then if you want to focus on a specific topic, we will zone in on it.


You just can’t beat a Private Lesson, but sometimes it’s fun to share the experience with someone close to you!  You might lose a little special attention but I’ve become pretty good at helping skiers work on what they need. Everyone in the lesson needs to be doing the same style, skate or classic.


Learning downhill skills on cross country ski trails is a challenge. The trails are narrow, the trees are close, and you only get one shot.  I teach alpine skiing at Alpine Valley, and have permission to take students on XC skis to the beginner hills, which is the perfect place to figure it all out. We will work on a great balanced posture, speed control with a gliding wedge, a.k.a snowplow, step turns, and hockey stops. BONUS….we can ride the Magic Carpet back up the hill so you can make hundreds of turns without getting all sweated up! ! Great instructional and repetition are the keys to success.  If you get really confident and the snow is great, we can ride the EZ Rider chairlift for longer runs!!


I love working with groups and schools! Please call with your opportunity.



“I have been meaning to reach out and let you know that I honestly feel my lesson with you is what got me through the Birkie! Thanks again! I kid you not – there were many moments when your words played through my mind “I could do this all day long” Grin!”

Denise B

“Your dry-land clinic made an incredible impact on my skate skiing. This is my second year skating, and despite having had a previous lesson out at Lapham, I just wasn’t getting it. Your drills finally gave me the ‘aha’ moment I needed and my next trip out to Lapham was a total 180! I’ll highly recommend future clinics!”

Colleen M


How Much Glide Wax Do We Waste?

How Much Glide Wax Do We Waste?

Recently I visited a ski shop that  waxes everything for snow sports.  Alpine skis,  XC skis, snowboards, jumping skis, and lots of them. I got a tour of their state of the art shop and saw their infra-red waxing tool.  It was all very cool, but what really caught my...

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A New Approach to Roller Skiing!

A New Approach to Roller Skiing!

Learning to Roller Ski is Easy and Fun! The best way to develop your XC technique, off season, is to roller ski. However the fear of falling scares lots of skiers away. What if we change the way we approach roller skiing and focus on SAFETY, FUN, and TECHNIQUE rather...

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Dan LaBlanc


“One of my greatest joys is to see people gain skill, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun.”
At Kettle Moraine Adventure Company our mission is to build the silent sport community through great instruction and awesome adventures. The Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest and surrounding areas hold world-class opportunities for cross-country skiing, biking, paddling, and running.
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